KelVPN Bi-Weekly Technical Development Report

As the market conditions of Crypto as a whole have significantly weakened, we felt the futility of our market growth marketing efforts in these dire times. Thus, we have decided to go back to the drawing board, stay patient, and prepare for when the tide turns. In the meantime, we have been continuously building behind the scenes and will continue to do so. Hereby we present our progress on the technical development of KelVPN.

New KelVPN Software Developments:

  • Releases of new builds: 6.3–2 and 6.3–3
  • Moved forward with Google Play version with in-app purchases
  • Stream encryption switched all on SALSA2012 by default, BlueFish marked as deprecated.
  • Improved service code for nodes to prevent encrypted replay compromization
  • Fixed bugs with switch on VPN Dashboard between servers
  • Updated Kelvin-testnet root nodes, now it supports new DAP sync protocols
  • Improved packet processing — reduced latency

Expected to be finalized soon:

  • MacOS M1 version with native MacOS tunnel
  • iOS builds
  • AppStore publishing
  • ENS, EmerDNS, TOR, I2P, and few more alternative name services accessible from the KelVPN nodes

Still in progress:

  • Bridge with I2P and TOR networks, customized by node holders
  • Multi-hop mode
  • Bandwidth share with connection to Cellframe Dashboard or built-in wallet application

About KelVPN

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Security Spacesuit for your internet |