KEL Token Buyback and Burn Program

We are excited to introduce our KEL token buyback and burn program to stimulate market growth and adoption of KelVPN.

  • Effect: Buyback tokens from the open market to be burned using 100% of the monthly revenue.
  • Objective: Reduce token supply to stimulate market growth and future adoption.
  • Time: Starting May 3rd.
  • Transparency: A monthly transparency report including all proof of buyback and burn will be released.

We will be dedicating 100% of our revenue from KelVPN to monthly buybacks of KEL tokens directly from the open market. These tokens will be burned to ensure the removal of tokens out of circulation and reduction of the total supply. The buybacks will occur on the third of every month starting May 3rd — lasting until a favorable market condition has been achieved.

All KEL tokens used as payment for KelVPN will be burned as a means to implement an additional deflationary feature. We are in the process of setting up KEL tokens as a payment option for KelVPN, which will be communicated when available.

About KelVPN

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