KEL Token Buyback and Burn: May 2021

Today we are excited to share the completion of our first monthly KEL buyback and burn. A total of 300,459 KEL tokens have been bought back from the open market and subsequently burned, effectively taking 122,705 USD worth of KEL out of circulation forever. With this burn, the circulating supply of KEL as of May 3rd 2021 has decreased by approximately 5%.

Proof of Buyback:

Proof of Burn:

To show our commitment towards the goal of stimulating KelVPN market growth and adoption, we have included revenue from the past months as well as business activities that are currently still bound by an NDA.

For more information on the KEL buyback and burn program, please refer to our medium post: KEL Token Buyback and Burn Program

About KelVPN

The KelVPN team has been building KelVPN since 2019 — It’s the first deanon-proof and quantum-safe decentralized VPN in prod. powered by the Cellframe Network. For the customer, KelVPN offers one-click access to a new level of privacy and security combined with high-speed data supporting up to 8k+ video streaming.

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